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Top Reasons to Consider a Career in Moving Images

The digital age is opening up a number of new industries for artists. People can no longer call themselves starving artists given the massive demand that exists for top-quality stock photos, graphics and general content creation for keeping up with daily web traffic. If you’re trained as a visual artist, you should think about creating moving images given that this is an incredibly challenging and rewarding feat.

Making moving images is challenging given that you will have to become familiar with the technologies that are relative to this medium. Using CGI or computer generated imagery will require you to be familiar with a variety of software programs. The diverse range of moving image products that can be created demands a complete understanding of several different technologies because CGI involves the creation of dynamic, static, 2D and 3D imagery that can then be turned into films, video games, ads, simulators and printed media among numerous other applications.


Due to the amazing amount of content and images that exist on the web, there is an incredible need for originality and creativity. As an artist, this is a challenging but inspiring threshold to aspire to. Getting recognition from peers withing your industry, producing pieces that go viral and are well-regarded, and devising works that are both aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking amidst a veritable sea of images is a daunting task that every true artist would love to tackle. With CGI, both programmers and artists have access to a powerful and incredibly flexible medium that’s entirely new. Just like watercolor and oils require training, using CGI technologies involves both precise planning and accurate execution. Using these tools is twice as hard as well, given that you have to do far more than simply produce photographs that are clear and sharp – this is something that you can currently do with even the most basic smartphone. It takes a lot of innovation and creativity to produce images that really stand out. Moreover, there are new technologies that are being introduced on a daily basis and thus, it is not possible for a CGI developer to maintain static skills – these must instead be constantly updated to maintain a competitive edge within this industry.

The evolution of digital technologies within the digital age have made content creation and the photography industry more complex, but both of these endeavors are guaranteed to be financially and intellectually rewarding. If you love a challenge and like creating outside of the box, making moving images could be the right career choice for you.

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