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Three Common Problems with Windows 10 and How to Fix Them

While Windows 10 is quickly becoming one of Microsoft’s most popular operating systems, it is not without its fair share of problems. Listed below are three common problems and how to fix them courtsey of PC repair specialists at CyberCall Computer Repair Bristol. The company run by Adrian Jeane in Bristol have for over a decade been offering computer repair plans for businesses in the area.

1. Cortana Is Not Available

Cortana, Windows 10’s personal assistant, is not available in all regions. However, some users have encountered a bug where Cortana will not work even in a region where she is available. If that is the case for you, you may want to try the following fix:


• Go to your settings. Select “Time and Language.”
• Click the “Region and Language” tab. Verify your region (in this case, United Kingdom).
• Click “English (United Kingdom)” and select “Options.”
• From there, you will need to click “Download” under Speech and Language pack. Once both have successfully downloaded, reboot your computer.
• Upon reboot, click on the search bar and select the Settings cog. Activate Cortana.

If that fix does not work for you, try changing your region to the United States. Click “Add a Language” and add “English (United States).” Follow the same steps above, except for United States English. Once you have activated Cortana, change your settings back to United Kingdom English.

2. Windows 10 Apps Are Not Working

Windows 10 comes with several native apps. These include Paint, Photos, Calendar and others. Many users have reported problems with these apps crashing or simply not opening at all.

If you are experiencing this issue, make sure your system is up to date by navigating to “Update and security” under settings. Click “Check for Updates.” Download and install the updates to your computer. Perform a reboot, and try your apps again.

If you are continuing to have this problem, resetting Windows 10 will most likely solve the issue (along with other issues you might have). Navigate to “Update and security” under settings. Select the Recovery tab. Under “Reset this PC,” click “Get Started.” You will be given the option to keep your files or delete them. Follow the prompts through to the end.

3. Blue Screen of Death

While this issue can be caused by a multitude of problems, varying across PCs, it is often linked to Windows 10 clashing with some of your driver software. Your best option is to make certain all your drivers are up to date.

You can do this by performing a search for “Device Manager” in your search bar. Go through your list of devices, and right-click on each one. Choose “Update driver software” and choose “Search automatically for updated driver software.” Install any updates you find.

Windows 10 is constantly being updated by Microsoft. As it is a new system, glitches are expected. If you are encountering issues, you may just find that the problems are resolved with a new update. Keeping working through these issues because Windows 10 has a lot to offer.

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