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Retouching is What Makes Top Quality Photos

Photography buffs have the ability to take some truly fantastic shots. However, they can only do so much in terms of unwanted reflections, unattractive backgrounds, poor locations, and various other imperfections.

A digital editor is able to take a photograph from a photographer and improve on it. They enhance the composition in various ways that brings out the intention of the picture more clearly. This is known as ‘retouching’. A lot of people hear this term and immediately think of photos being taken of models and actors who need to cover up blemishes and other discrepancies. Retouching goes much deeper than just that.


Think about a fashion model having photos taken out in the open on a bright sunny day. Those photos will be taken using natural light. As the day progresses that light changes as the sun makes its way across the sky. Good photographers will try and adjust their cameras and switch positions to allow for this. However, to create the best possible photos from the outdoor shoot, some retouching will inevitably need to be done.

In many outdoor photo shoots, unwanted reflections (like in glass windows in buildings behind the models) need to be removed. If the light began to fade too much before the shoot was over, retouching is used to boost the light levels to help the models stand out against their background.


Any type of blemish or wrinkle on the model of the shoot needs to be addressed through retouching. Nobody has perfect skin and many models have damaged skin, sometimes due to overexposure to the sun. A digital editor can use a software package like Adobe Photoshop and make all kinds of adjustments to the photos. They can –

Enhance Colors
Remove Color From the Cheeks
Raise or Lower Light Levels
Add or Remove Makeup
Remove Lines and Wrinkles
Cover Moles or Scars
Smooth Out Saggy Spots
Adjust Skin Tone
Cover Tattoos
Add Tattoos

and much much more. They really have the talent to add the right finishing touches to prepare the final photo for print or web publication.


When you get down to the final shot photo-realism is a huge factor. Enhancing photos using various retouching techniques is what makes everything look just right. From the model to the background, colors, and light, retouching does many wonderful things for the photo.

If there is anything in the photo that doesn’t look quite natural, it can be changed through retouching and nobody will ever know. Anything unnatural within a still photo is hard for people not to notice. The picture has to look totally natural and real.

Of course, these photos will indeed look better than the originals but when you’re selling magazines and other media these photos have to look their best. If the retouching is not top quality then the photos won’t go over as well. All final shots have to make the grade.

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