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Racing Drones by Walkera

Remote controlling drones are such a marvelous creation by technology. When it comes to racing drones and specially those which has racing capacity, it is lush thing about drones. Walkera is introducing its stunning drones and amazing people with it. Have a look on the article below.

Walkera Rodeo 110:

Here comes the best racing drone in the world. Speedy as you want. Walkera Rodeo 110 is doing wonders in the field of technology.  It contains all the equipment you need to have in any FPV racing drone. it consists of FPV brushless motor and is speedy as you want the racing drone. This quadcopter is very much reliable. Have a look on its specifications, pros as well as cons.



  • It contains 600TVl FPV camera.
  • Good LED lights for navigation.
  • Comes with brushless motors.
  • It has 850mAh battery which is lithium polymer battery.
  • Thick carbon fiber main frame is 2mm.
  • You can easily this drone everywhere.
  • Suitable as well as good design.
  • Its weight is about 110 grams.
  • F3 generation flight controller will help you to fly it with ease.
  • You can easily connect external RX.
  • Transmitter has a frequency of about 2.4GHz.
  • Anti-interference technology.
  • Its dimensions are 101x117x55mm.
  • Its flight time is approximately 6 to 7 minutes.
  • It will cost you only 199$.


  • Good to use for indoor as well as outdoor.
  • Comes with anti-interference technology.
  • Reliable to use as a racing drone.
  • Good to take photos as well as make videos with it.


  • Battery is not of good quality.
  • Flight timing is too low.
  • Ugly camera.

Walkera Racing Drone:

Walkera is basically a Chines remote controlling company established in Guangzhou. Many people are fond of racing of drones. FPV drones by Walkera are making people surprise by showing their racing abilities. Wallkera is manufacturing drones which are little in weight because most of the drones with light weight as super speedy. Walkera Racing drones supports a camera mounted on the front. This camera shows the view to the person flying the drone. Racing drones are compatible to shoots pictures and make videos during flight. Racing drones comes in the range from 50$ to 500$. Walkera also offers its user to wear goggles while the racing of drones. This enables them to focus on race inspite of focusing other things.

The Bottom Line:

Time to conclude my article. Walkera is going to be my favorite brand of drones because it is facilitating us in many ways. I will suggest you to have this drone for personal use because it will never let you down.

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