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In the World of Quadcopters.

Quadcopters are the best and latest invention of this era. Quadcopters comes with a remote controlling device. And will help your kids to play in better ways. Playing with technology will help your kids to be more creative and talented.

DJI Phantom:

DJI is producing better and even better drones time to time. Now here I am going to discuss about the first model of Phantom introduced by DJI. DJI Phantom contains amazingly 7 channels and this quality is only in few others Quadcopters. It has great speed as well as highly reliable to receive signals. Have a look below on specifications, pros and cons to have a better understanding of Phantom by DJI.



  • Battery type is Li-Po which is lithium polymer battery.
  • It will work efficiently at a frequency of about 2.4 GHz.
  • It contains 7 channels in it.
  • Compatible to communicate in the range of 1000 meters.
  • It requires 4AA batteries.
  • Requires maximum flight velocity of about 10m/s.
  • 350mm to diagonal distance is best in it.
  • Camera is not a part of it but you can put an extra camera on it to take pictures.
  • Taking pictures is now made easy.
  • Comes with a transmitter which is compatible to remote its flying ability.
  • Will cost you only 379$.


  • Good to use.
  • Light in weight.
  • Good appearance.


  • No camera in it.
  • Too much price.
  • Less features than other drones.

RC Quadcopters:

Before I will elaborate RC quadcopters, I am going to explain what is Quadcopter. Quadcopter is basically also known as Quadrotor because it contains four rotors which help it to fly with ease and provides great stability.  All quadcopters have 2 identical pairs of propellers. Two of them are clockwise and other ones are anti-clockwise. Propellers are used to regulate the speed of the quadcopter. Prices of quadcopters increases with the increase of the size of quadcopters. As some of the mini-drones are being sold at low price as comparison to quadcopters with bigger size and advanced machinery.  RC quadcopters are now manufactured by many companies and being sold in all over USA, Europe and Asia. In RC quadcopters, anti-interference ability is being established to protect the quadcopters from unwanted Radio waves interrupting its signal receiving capacity.  It is very fun to use RC quadcopters for work as well as it is reliable for your kids too but not good for the kids under 8 years.

The bottom line:

DJI is introducing best drones these days. If you want to have a good drone in reasonable price and if you don’t want to compromise on quality; in bother cases, DJI will help you better.

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