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How to Automatically Login to Aol Instant Messenger (aim)

We all need a fast, efficient and secure email platform. If the platform comes with instant messaging services, it is guaranteed to put smiles on faces of more of its users. AOL mail is a webmail or a web-based mail provided by American media corporation AOL Inc., originally American Online. The mail service is commonly referred to as AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) as it largely operates instant messaging services.

The following is a step by step guideline for aol mail login on how you can automatically log in to AIM.

Opening the AOL mail Sign in Page

When you open mail.aol.com it’ll open a blank sign in page. You can log in using your username or the full email address (neither is case-sensitive). You will then input your password (be sensitive to the case you use).


If you are using your own computer you can click on the prompt asking you “Remember Me” and this will save you precious time as it will be simply bypassing the sign-in form altogether for the next one month.
In case you are using a computer which you share with other people and you accidentally click on “Remember Me” you need not worry because the cookie simply contains instructions to just bypass the sign in form but it does not retain the login details. You can manually sign out to override the issue.

When you click on the Sign In button you’ll be redirected to your mail homepage called “Today on AOL”. To access your email messages, you click on “Inbox” button to the left.

Once signed in you have the option of using the “Accessible Version” or the “Basic Version” and the option you go for will always login that way in that specific browser.

Logging in straight to the mail

In case you want to avoid the “Today on AOL” page which carries information on national news and the weather, go to “Options” then “Mail setting” and uncheck the part instructing you to “Show me Today in AOL when signing in” which falls under the subtitle “general”. You need to scroll to the bottom and click on “save settings”.

In case you had instructed your obedient machine to remember you, opening the page mail.aol.com automatically opens your inbox!

Automatically sign in to AIM

While logged in, go to “Options” located on the right hand corner. Select “Mail Settings” on the dropdown. A screen will pop up and you need to select “AIM”, a button located next to “Sign in”. Once you accomplish this, you only need to check on the checkbox indicating “Automatically sign me in to AIM when I sign in to Mail”. You will have done the greatest work by now and to finalize the operation, scroll down and click on “Save Settings”.

The changes take effect instantly and when you try to return to inbox, you will be redirected to AIM’s platform. All you need to do to enjoy the service is to click on the up/down arrow which is circled in red. Doing this will show or hide the chat pane.

When you need to change your status, show list of friends, appear or disappear online you will only need to click on the dropdown arrow that appears next to the button indicating AIM.

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