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Golden Rules to Create a Strong Gmail Password

With these rules, you can create a strong Gmail password which is hard to crack, lose or forget. Let’s refer to this article to know what these golden rules are.

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When signing up for Gmail, one of the most important steps is to create a password. So what are the golden rules to create Gmail password when registering? How can you create a strong password? Refer to this article and you will never have to worry about losing your password.


– Avoid creating too easy Gmail password such as 12345678, abcdefgh, etc.

– Do not set your Gmail password as your name or your birth date.

– Gmail password should include capital letters, lowercase letters and numbers to increase security.

– Use special characters in your Gmail password. For example:! @ # $% ^ & * () _ +?

– Do not set your Gmail password the same as password of your Facebook account, your computer, etc.

– Write down your Gmail passwords and keep it in a secret place in case you forgot it

– Remember the security questions to retrieve your Gmail password when needed.

– Enable 2-step verification for your Gmail account, if you do not know how to enable 2-step verification, please refer to how to set up 2-step security for Gmail.

Above are golden rules when creating a Gmail password we think you should know.

Plus, when accessing to your Gmail account on public devices, don’t forget to change your password regularly to avoid losing your account.

Good luck!

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