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Virgin Media Promotion Codes: Saving Money and Connecting Your Home

Virgin Media is one of the leading broadband, TV and phone providers in the UK. Now, with the huge range of offers and Virgin Media coupons, customers save money and get a quality service. In this blog post, we present the latest Virgin Media voucher codes.

Virgin Media Coupon Codes

With these coupons, you can get some exclusive offers.

  • If you are new customer, you can use the Virgin Media code “b0nus50” to get £50 off on your first bill.
  • Dual, Bundles and Triple deals are among the most popular offers at Virgin Media. You can get £35 off with “VM35OFF” promo code.
  • For all customers of phone packages, get 30 minutes free of charge with the discount coupon “30free”.
  • Get £55 off on all duals, triples and quad play packages. Just use the Virgin Media discount code “JUNE55”.
  • When you sign up for any package, you can get £25 off with the Virgin Media promo code “25TRI6”.

To use a Virgin Media offer code simply paste it at checkout.

Virgin Media plans

Over 260 TV channels, an ultra-fast broadband with the speed up to 362 Mbps and some great offers on weekday plans are waiting for you. Talk more and make more international calls. All of that is possible thanks to Virgin’s bundles. Bear in mind that broadband speed may vary based on your location in the UK according to this article in the Telegraph.

VIP Bundle – With this package, you get VIVID 350-broadband with some amazing 362 Mbps speed. It is incredibly useful to have this kind of speed at your home. The offer doesn’t end here. You also get over 260 channels with TV on demand and interesting live streaming. The package also includes an amazing Virgin Phone plan with lots of possibilities. It will be £89 a month as an introductory offer, and afterwards, it will cost you £129 a month if you sign up for a 12-month contract.

Full House Bundle – More than 230 channels are included here, plus, you get a very potent VIVID-100 broadband with the speed up to 108 Mbps. Weekend talk-times are also included, so you can enjoy some huge calling benefits. This bundle is £57 a month for the first year, while the costs after that are £74 a month for the 1-year contract. Apply a Virgin Media promotional code at checkout to save on the first month’s subscription.

Mix Bundle – Here, you get over 150 channels, some great weekend talk-time offers and the VIVID-100 broadband (108 Mbps). This good deal is available for £47 a month for the first year. Afterwards, the cost is £58 a month for one year.

Player Bundle – The most affordable bundle includes over 70 channels and weekend talks at affordable prices. You also get VIVID-50 broadband (54 Mbps) and some great deals when you use the coupons. For the first year, you’ll pay £32 a month, and after that, the cost is £51 a month for a 12-year contract.

For the latest Virgin Media coupons and offers, go online and check them out!

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Coreter Miracles

Precast Concrete Miracles

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