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Can the Mining Industry Clean Its Wastewater

Due to the excessive industrial work, mines do create a lot of waste. If waste is not properly cleaned or dumped, with the passage of time it overloads the place. The tailings from the leaching and processing of crushed rock with chemicals do leave an unwelcome residue, which is dealt with the tailing ponds. The areas, which consists of a vast scale of production, does face significant environmental issues. However, tailing from other related mining activities is becoming a problem as well while advances in technology have made tailing ponds treatment more efficient.

Types of mines waste

Mine waste does vary in chemical and physical composition. They are managed differently at very site. Types of mine waste includes

  • Waste rock
  • Overburden
  • Tailings
  • Mine waster
  • Slags
  • Gaseous wastes
  • Water treatment sludge

Mine waste Management

The wastes from mines must be managed carefully, which ensures disposal facilities and long-term stability of storage. The better waste management helps to minimize air, soil and water contamination. If any industry is taking unsafe measures for the management of wastes then local communities, and general public will get negative perception.


Technological advancement for waste management

Wastewater is produced at mine sites in a variety of ways and varies in quality. The potential for environmental contamination increases which needs to be monitored and water management strategies are developed to minimize the amount of wastewater that is produced. However, technological advancement and changes result in significant modifications in the wastewater practices. Mine water wastes at the newly established mines are managed during the last years. Waste management plans need to be developed efficiently before any mine is developed while the tailing ponds are helping in the designs of new mines.

Tailings pond treatment

Tailings pond treatment composes of fine particles such as clay, salt, and sand accompanied with high water content which makes troublesome. Tailings are disposed directly into the wetlands and rivers, which introduce contaminates in the water bodies. Tailings are usually pumped into the ponds present on site.

Many industries have dams that secure tailings pond treatment with the improved execution and design. The mining companies have improved the trend after learning from past mistakes. The modern tailing ponds designs is embedded with technology and very technical. Many site-specific factors are taken into considerations. The new technologies for the wastewater management are still in testing phase for the betterment of the environment. While companies are preparing themselves to bear the involved costs to deal with tailings and wastewater.

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