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Best Home Alarm System Tips

Depending on your budget and how technologically advanced you are, there is a host of new home alarm systems you may want to check out. Because they vary and have very broad prices ranges, we’ve included a few options that you might want to explore whether you are home, or traveling.

Let’s take a look at home alarm systems and their various features and prices.


Home Alarm Systems

ADT and Sloman’s Shield

You’ve probably seen the commercials for ADT and Sloman’s Shield. These are great alarm systems that have different types of prices depending on the size of your home and the type of alarm that you would like to install. For example, an ADT alarm system may run about $49 per month, but this can vary depending on where you live and the number of rooms and levels in your home.

Why choose these alarm systems? These alarms are great if you want to get a discount on your home owner’s insurance and have the added security of a monitored system. You can have your alarms on when your home, too, and this can give you an added sense of comfort in knowing that all your doors and windows are protected.

Technologically Advanced Alarm Systems

PC Magazine suggests shopping for these online and doing your research. Not only do the prices vary, but some alarms are actually free if you consider that you can just turn your computer’s camera on and watch it remotely. How safe is that? Not very safe, but if you’re on a budget and just want to have a video of your home while you’re away, you can always check the saved feed if you find that you’re missing your belongings upon your return.

There are different types of alarms that you can use in conjunction with your laptop computer, tablet or smartphone and most of these require that you download an app to begin. The features are great and the possibilities are endless. Not only can you program your alarm through Alexa and other smart home equipment, but you can have your alarm to work with a security agency to report any activity while you’re away because of the laser sensors and motion detectors that are used.

How expensive are these alarms? A top alarm system that will cover your entire home, the perimeter and all interior spaces may set you back a few thousand dollars. If you want constant video surveillance that you can program into your smartphone or tablet, this can cost up to six figures, but top of the line systems are worth it if you are a celebrity or a busy executive on a sprawling property and you want 24-hour surveillance of anything.

For help with new alarm systems or a new card access system installation, Minneapolis St.Paul residents turn to companies like Guardian, Frontpoint, Vivant, ADT, and LifeShield. You can always call and request a free home consultation so the reps can show you their services, the new features and ways to help you feel comfortable and safe in your home.


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