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5 Top Excel Tips You May Not Know

Excel is a vital programme for any user’s office toolkit, but without some guidance it can also be the most confusing. Below we have been provided with five of the top Excel tips that’ll be sure to help you get your spreadsheet groove on without needing to be an Excel specialist like those at ExcelFrome in Bristol who are providing today’s tips.

Conditional Formatting

Excel Conditional Formatting is a great way to view the data you’re using in your spreadsheet. Maybe you would like to sort the lowest to highest number by colour, view duplicate values, or shade a cell if the value is greater than or less than the specified value.


Follow these steps to create a conditional formatting rule:

1) Select the cells using the rule

2) Click the Home tab, then Condition Formatting. Select the conditional formatting type in the drop-down menu that appears.

3) Complete the following dialogue boxes

Automatically Insert Decimal Points

Anyone who has had experience with data entry has felt the pain of repetitively entering a decimal point in each cell. This can easily be done automatically in Excel. Simply click File, Options, Advanced, and select the option in the drop-down menu.

Data Entry Tip

Here’s another one related to data entry: if you’re entering the same data into multiple cells, there’s a quick shortcut to get it done. First, select the set of cells receiving the same string of data. Next, type the string of data in the last cell selected, then hit Ctrl + Enter on the selected cells receiving this string.

Column to Row (and vice versa)

Have a column that needs to be a row, or a row that needs to be a column? Select the cells being changed, then right-click on the desired cell, and select Paste Special > Transpose from the right-click context menu.

Flash Fill

Possibly one of the best features of Excel is Flash Fill, a helpful boost for data entry. Filling out a column of phone numbers, dates, or some other string that needs to be formatted? For example, enter a formatted phone number like “(000)-000-0000” and move on to the next cell. Enter the next phone number, and Excel should recognise you’re entering phone numbers in the rest of the column. Sometimes it takes more than the first two cells for the pattern to be recognised.

To enable Flash Fill manually, make your way over to the Data tab and click Flash Fill. For more Excel tips and tricks, or to hire an Excel specialist for your business visit https://www.excelfrome.co.uk

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